Chicago Writers Conference 2013 in 8 Tweets

Words cannot describe how amazing the 2013 Chicago Writers Conference was–but tweets might. Our dedicated hashtag saw a lot of action over the weekend and gave both attendees and non-attendees the opportunity to see what CWC was all about:

Connections Were Made

Attendees Shared Tips

We Tried New Methods

They Found Love

Writers Faced Their Fears (and Survived!)

Speakers Got In on the Fun

Rick Kogan…Who Deserves 2 Tweets for Sheer Awesomeness

If you want more observations, tips, and advice from this year’s Chicago Writers Conference, search #cwc2013 for a complete list of tweets. You can also check out Shala Howell’s tagboard. Shala was one of our attendees this year who went from hating Twitter to creating a tagboard for our hashtag. We can’t wait to see what she, and everyone else who participated, accomplishes next.

Thanks for making CWC 2013 a memorable event!