Recap: Secrets of Smart Self Publishing

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If the crowd was any indication, self-publishing is a burning hot topic these days. Our latest Writers Night Out: Secrets of Smart Self Publishing was the biggest one yet. We learned so much from our panel of experts that it’s impossible to write down all the info on a quick blog post. However, there were a few things that stood out from their presentation on the self-publishing path:

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On editing:

Publishing consultant and editor Kim Bookless made it clear that editing is not something you want to skimp on. It is, after all, half of the self-publishing process so it’s in your best interest to pay attention to it. Self-publishing authors probably need developmental editing; they definitely need copyediting and proofreading.

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On design:

Erika Nygaard, a freelance graphic designer, compared professionally designed book covers with amateur ones. Folks, there’s a reason why you’re writers and not artists. Things your book cover should not have: illegible title, hand-drawn art work, a woman whose breast is accidentally being fondled. (Yup, we saw that on one of the covers.)

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On marketing:

PR consultant Paula Krapf was honest about the role marketing plays in self-publishing: Authors have to take care of editing and design beforehand. If not, there is little marketing can do for their book. Once your work is ready, you’ll need to focus on connecting with book reviewers, creating an author website, optimizing Amazon sales, experimenting with social media, and putting you and your product out in the real world.

Cassandra Greenwald of CWIP live-tweeted the event, as did several of our attendees. For more insight into the panel discussion, follow #CWCSelfPub.

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