Recap: An Evening With The Dissolve

Attendees packed Open Books for our event, An Evening With The Dissolve. Writers Nathan Rabin, Tasha Robinson, Keith Phipps, and Scott Tobias sparked a lively discussion with their movie-centric readings, which covered everything from Choose Your Own Adventure-style documentaries to the loss of film in, well, film. The audience was encouraged to share their own responses to the pieces, filling the evening with an energy worthy of the Grad School seminar of your dreams. Scroll below for photographs and other details on this fun night.



Keith Phipps, Editorial Director, started off the night with thoughts on sci-fi as a symbolic expression of present-day anxieties.


Nathan Rabin put a spotlight on the way personal experience can inform a movie-going experience…or obscure it.


Editor Scott Tobias asked the hard questions: “If something isn’t financed like a movie or distributed like a movie, and it doesn’t look like a movie or behave like a movie, is it still a movie?”


Tasha Robinson finished off the evening with a fascinating recount of the Tribeca Film Festival’s exhibits on the future of movies, which included computer simulations and interactive clips.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to bring together this fabulous event!

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