Why Indie Bookstores Rule

It’s summer in Chicago, which means that there are so many exciting events around the corner! For example, Pitchfork Music Festival is coming up on July 18th and tickets are selling out quickly ! Want to go? CWC can help! Everyone who purchases a ticket to Party With a Purpose or makes a donation before 5:00 p.m. on July 11 is entered into a drawing for two 3-day Pitchfork Music Festival Passes! The deadline is coming up soon, so get your tickets now!

As for this weekend, we are so excited for the first-ever Chicago Independent Bookstore Day! On Saturday, July 12, nine independent bookstores will offer special deals, events, and even free books to encourage readers to visit their neighborhood store. CWC has always been a big supporter of local bookstores, and we hope you can find time this weekend to show them some love. In honor of Chicago Independent Bookstore Day, we’re republishing a post about why indie bookstores rule.


Tuesday Funk Readings at Open Books

Tuesday Funk Readings at Open Books

This holiday season, consider getting gifts from your local, independent bookstore. Why?

  • They build and foster a community. Like After-words Bookstore, which is one of the rare indie bookstores in tourist-heavy River North.
  • Booksellers can give you tailored recommendations. Are you really going to trust an online review from “anonymouskitten2013?”
  • They are carefully curated. No one needs 500 copies of 50 Shades of Grey. NO ONE. Quimby’s is the way to go if you’re looking for an obscure zine, or head to Women & Children First for the latest in feminist theory.
  • You help your local economy. Your dollar has three times the local impact than it does at a chain store.
  • They are passionate about promoting local authors. For example, The Book Cellar has hosted local author nights in the past, as well as held readings for Chicago-area MFA programs and hosted venerable series like the kates.

Want to find your closest independent bookstore? Check out Time Out’s and The Huffington Post’s round up of the city’s best indie bookstores.

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