Meet Elysabeth Alfano, our Emcee with a Purpose!

On August 12, we host the Second Annual Party with a Purpose to support our scholarships for writing and literacy tutors. During our first two years, we offered 10 scholarships; this year, we’re doubling our efforts to offer 20 scholarships to deserving tutors in Chicago!

We sat down for a chat with our Emcee for the evening, Elysabeth Alfano of Fear no ART presents The Dinner Party.


1. Tell us about The Dinner Party.

I invite three celebs of different domains and a known chef who cooks for them and the live audience. Over food, wine, chocolate, artist performances, and Twitter, the conversations flow. The mission of “The Dinner Party” is to bring unscripted conversations about the creative process and the guests’ current projects to more people through an interactive dialogue and a feast for the senses. Audience members share in the food, wine, and conversations by tweeting in questions and making this a truly interactive and dynamic Dinner Party. As you know, the best conversations happen over dinner!

2. What do you love about Chicago’s arts scene or its artists?

Chicago artists – and I include all the arts in this: chefs, dancers, painters, writers, filmmakers, etc. – believe in the work. If fame or celebrity status comes, that’s great. But it is always the work first.

3. Tell us what you’re reading right now. Any books you haven’t gotten to yet but would love to read?

I am reading Bonk and The Fish that Ate The Whale: the Life and Times of America’s Banana King. I have got to read Atlas Shrugged, even if it means getting large print.

4. What are you most looking forward to about emcee-ing Party with a Purpose next week?

I am really looking forward to PWP so we can bring attention to the strong writing community in Chicago, which sometimes can get overshadowed by music, food, theater, and architecture in our great city. And the truth is, we have a long and important literary history in Chicago, and we want to keep this and foster creative growth for current and future writers. I am honored to help raise money for scholarships for literacy & writing tutors. This is so very important to keeping the joy of reading alive.

5. What’s something people don’t know about you?

I am an animal lover through and through. Dogs, cats, Komodo Dragons. I love them all!


Purchase tickets for Party with a Purpose on Eventbrite. Need more convincing? See what’s in our silent auction.