Labor Day Weekend Reads that aren’t Studs Terkel’s “Working”

…not that we have anything against Working, hell, we loved it. But when you think of a book about work, the first one that usually comes to mind is Working.

We polled our friends and facebook fans and got some really great suggestions of books related to (or about) work. Enjoy.

And then We Came to the End, by Joshua Ferris

“As someone who worked in a cubicle for a number of years, I thought it did a great job capturing that whole ‘work family’ dynamic. Telling it all in the second person made it all the more memorable, writer-wise.”
— Elizabeth Blackwell, author

“So fantastic. So brilliant.”
– Clayton Smith, author

The Anti-9-to-5 Guide: Practical Career Advice for Women Who Think Outside the Cube, by Michelle Goodman

“Published c. 2006, so some of it’s a bit dated now, but overall has GREAT advice and is fun and readable to boot. I’ve returned to it many times over the years!”
— Lauren Emily, writer and theater critic

The Right Stuff, by Tom Wolfe

“It really gets into the heart of what it takes to be a test pilot and astronaut–those are tough jobs, and we really know what it’s like after reading that book.”
— Arnie Bernstein, author and instructor

Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America by Barbara Ehrenreich

“An undercover exposé on the harsh existence of unskilled workers.”
— Patricia Skalka, author

Showstopper!: The Breakneck Race to Create Windows NT and the Next Generation at Microsoft by G. Pascal Zachary

“Middle Ages of computing history these days, but the day-to-day hasn’t changed much.”
— Scott Janssens, software engineer

Thanks for your recos, friends! Our beach bag is now full. Enjoy your Labor Day!