Show Us What You’re Reading: Jean Latz Griffin

Welcome to Show Us What You’re Reading where we feature the books are readers are tackling and their thoughts on them. Want to share what you’re reading with us? Click here for instructions. This week, Jean Latz Griffin shares with us what’s on her literary radar.


The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker – As someone in the throes of writing a historical fantasy, I am fascinated by Wecker’s deft treatment of her mystical characters and the visceral creation of the times and places in which they interact with the “real world.”

D-Day Through French Eyes by Mary Louise Roberts – As a long-time journalist now trying my hand at fiction and fantasy, I value first-hand accounts of historical events in a crucial time and place in my story. Roberts brings great research and writing skills to this task. I also love that we share a connection with UW-Madison. Go Badgers!

Klaus Störtebeker by Gustav Schalk – I figured that if I wanted a 14th Century North Sea pirate who came to be known as the German Robin Hood to return as a ghost in the 17th Century and get involved with my scruffy band of characters, the least I could do was to read a few books about him – even if they were all auf Deutch. The straightforward writing and abundant illustrations are supporting my mediocre knowledge of German.

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