Looking Forward to CWC 2014?

So are we! The people, the speakers, the inspiration, the motivation, the networking… the list goes on. We asked some of our own why they enjoy attending conferences and here’s what they had to say:

Will Kent, CWC Board Member, loves conferences because:

  • At good conferences you can enjoy the relaxed environment while doing more work that you would normally (easy networking, everything is in the same space, the break in routine, etc.)
  • If you have a specific question, there’s no better way to answer it more thoroughly than at a conference
  • They’re fantastic mental resets (i.e. habits before the conference vs. habits after)

Barry Benson, a CWC Advisory Board member, loves conferences because:

  • I seek innovation–access or information re: something I’d not have come across otherwise… unique situations and opportunities.
  • There’s access to talent–similar to above, being able to either have face time or a place in the audience of someone who is a leader in an area of interest.
  • I think my third objective for conferences is clarification on a topic–or digging deeper into an area that matters. It’s why I get geekily excited about breakout sessions at conferences.

Samantha Hoffman, an author who hosts “Chicago Writers, Chicago Readers” at CWC, loves conferences because:

  • Being in the company of other writers is very inspiring.
  • They are motivating and I always learn something.
  • They are energizing and it’s fun!

 Amanda Claire Buckley, CWC social media assistant, loves conferences because:

  • I like being reminded of the craft that’s behind great pieces of work. It’s always humbling to see the amount of dedication that successful artists have applied to their passion.
  • You get a really good sense of the community around you—where they are and what they’re working on. It gives me plenty of leads for local writers, magazines, and publishers that I want to follow up with.
  • It’s nice to celebrate the thing I’m most passionate about with others who share that passion. It’s a like a birthday party for the written word.

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