5 Need to Know Facts about the Chicago Writers Conference

What a Wonderful Group of Writers

Registration for the 2015 Chicago Writers Conference is now open! To celebrate, we’re bringing you 5 facts you may not know about the Chicago Writers Conference. Still have more questions? Visit our FAQ page or send us an email! We can’t wait to help you make the connections you need to take your writing career to the next level.

1. CWC is for Writers at Every Level…

With talks and panels on topics ranging from starting a freelance career to working with an editor to designing your website, CWC provides tools that can be used by writers at all points in their career. Attendees include young scholarship recipients and seasoned authors alike.

Journalist and author Robert K. Elder says:

“The reason I love coming here is, not only the sense of community, but also because I learn something new each time. I’m literally now on my seventh book and I just attended a self-publishing seminar with Clayton Smith, which was amazing. It told me things I had not even considered.”

2. …and Every Genre!

Do you write nonfiction? Join us for a special immersion Friday night! Write fantasy? Catch our panel on writing genre fiction. CWC speakers range from screenwriters to bloggers to storytellers. They run poetry magazines and publish online newspapers. No matter what you write or how you write it, you’ll find it at CWC.

3. Don’t Bring a Manuscript, But Do Bring Business Cards.

Worried about lugging around a few manuscripts of your 3,600-page, six-part memoir around the conference? (We’re looking at you Karl Ove Knausgård!) Don’t fret!  Each year at CWC, attendees connect with editors, agents, and publishers with little more than a business card exchanged between them. In fact, all of our speakers have professed a preference for email submissions over paper.

And if you’re looking to share your work with speakers and attendees, CWC provides several opportunities to connect. You can submit your work for our Saturday-night reading or register for our exclusive Sunday-morning Pitchfest.

4. Three to Five Writing Groups Come out of the Conference Every Year. 

Whether you’re looking for an accountability group or a critique group, CWC is a great place to meet other ambitious and dedicated writers interested in developing their work. This year, we’ll even be hosting a session on how to form and structure your writing group for maximum creative productivity!

Patricia Skalka, an attendee who just published her second book through connections made at CWC says:

“People don’t come here with just the idea of hearing information. They come with the idea of talking about what’s important to them and where they want to go with their work.”

5. You Don’t Have to Be from Chicago to Benefit.

Attendees range from locals to international travelers! While Chicago is a great city to call home if you’re a writer, it’s also a great city to visit as a writer. Check out the list of hotels near the University Center in downtown Chicago and be sure to schedule in some time for sight-seeing.

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