VIDEO: Ben Tanzer on Social Media for Writers

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Last year, local author Ben Tanzer, talked with us about using Social Media to market yourself as a writer. He discusses why it’s important to network and how to develop a routine that keeps you producing a product consistently. Want to learn more from seasoned professionals like Tanzer? Then join us for CWC 2015 and take your writing career to the next level! 

What is a common missed opportunity for writers?

I think one thing, and this is not helpful, I wish I had a better word for this, I don’t think they are passionate enough about themselves, right? So, someone said to me, “How do I cross the line and not be an asshole or a moron.” And I said, you know, you have to be honest. If you’re honest about your work and if you’re honest about how much you love your work, then you’re not a moron.

How should an author tweet?

I think you need to have a series of buckets. One bucket is clearly taking care of yourself in the least obnoxious, but most self-promoting way possible. The second bucket, I think, is very much focusing on other people’s work. So, people on Twitter love the idea that you will retweet them, that you will follow them–and I agree with all of that–that you will thank them. But, I think, part of it, too, is focusing on the artists and products and things you enjoy and making sure to put that out there. I think there’s a third area, which is very focused on what else you enjoy that sort of expands people’s idea about you, right? I think it creates a larger persona.

What is your advice to young writers?

I think this is really obnoxious, but the best piece of advice I would give any 12-year-old, including the one in my house, if he’s watching, work at it everyday. I don’t wait for inspiration. I think you want to be mechanical. You want to be like an athlete or a dancer; whatever your model is, everyday you sit down and you put in the time.

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