Better Know a Speaker: Stefanie Lyons

Stefanie Lyons
Stefanie Lyons is the author of Dating Down (Flux 2015), a Young Adult novel told in verse. Stefanie also holds an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and some of her other poems and short stories can be found in Anderbo, Two Hawks Quarterly, and Soundings Review. She resides in our very own Chicago and will be speaking on “The Craft of YA: Structure” panel at CWC 2015!

What has been the biggest help (a piece of advice, a mentor, a particular residency) for your career? 

Knowing that I didn’t know nearly enough to be the kind of writer I wanted to be was a huge “aha” moment. Then came the realization that I could get some of that know-how by getting an MFA. That was the turning point. I’m a huge believer in learning. An MFA changed the game for me.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in writing?

I’ve been obsessed with writing since I was a little girl. As a young reader, I felt the intimacy of books and knew that was something powerful. I wanted to be a writer to have that kind of connection with readers. No biggie really, just a dream of a life-changing impact that could one day snowball into literary domination, one reader at a time.

Why attend the Chicago Writers Conference?

If you’re a writer and you’re serious about your craft, this is a great way to connect with fellow writers, meet publishers, learn about MFA programs, geez, practically anything you’d like to know is here. Why miss out on that?!

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