Better Know An Editor: Grace Menary-Winefield

GraceSince moving to the USA after three years at London’s Little, Brown Book Group, Grace Menary-Winefield has worked with the Sourcebooks on pop culture tie-ins, quirky gift books, and history. She also contributes to the Landmark list with historical and literary fiction. She is one of the editors attending our Sunday Pitchfest Sessions at CWC 2015.

What does a day of work look like for you? What’s your process?

A day at Sourcebooks begins with the biggest cup of tea you can fathom, and jotting down any notes from the submission reading I did the night before. After checking emails and sending off any immediate admin work, I move on to the major projects such as manuscripts I’m editing, research I’m contributing to, or perhaps I get stuck back into a submission I can’t put down. Every editor is an expert juggler, and every process of handling their work is different; however, mine starts and ends with lists – on email, on my screen, in my phone – with some flexibility left to jump into any exciting, spontaneous opportunities. And more tea, of course.

What has been the biggest help (a piece of advice, a mentor, a particular residency) for your career?

Say yes to everything! Work experience, internships, coffee dates, interviews, conferences, etc. And once you’re in there, continue to say yes. Every skill you learn in a publishing house is of value, no matter how small, and your enthusiasm will open the door to more opportunities.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in writing?

I chose to work in publishing because of how much I love reading, and for the honor of working with writers. I have so much respect for anyone who puts pen to paper, because they’ve allowed me to experience different worlds and viewpoints beyond my imagination. And now I am amongst them every day and can be a part of that process. It’s wonderful.

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