Writing Tools We’re Thankful For in 2015

What Are You Thankful For TurkeyIt’s that time of the year where we get to share what we’re thankful for! As always, we’re thankful for our staff, supporters, attendees, and volunteers. We’re also thankful for the writing tools that allow us to pursue our careers, such as…

From Writer and Supporter Bill Shunn:

I’m thankful this year for WordPerfect, as I have been nearly every year since 1986, when I first started using version 4.2 for DOS. I do almost all my important writing with it, still, and thoughts of being forced to switch to some other word processor give me cold sweats. Why have I remained so loyal for so long? Simply put, I think it’s the best, most logical word processor out there. I love the “Reveal Codes” feature, which is viewing the source of an HTML page, so you can see exactly where and what all your formatting codes are. I love its macro language, which lets you automate tasks easily. And most of all, I love that the file format has stayed virtually unchanged for all these years, making it just as easy to open a file I saved 25 years ago as one I saved yesterday. Most people might not even realize that WordPerfect even exists anymore, but I for one am grateful it does.

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From Executive Director and Writer Mare Swallow:

I am thankful for Flair pens and Tops Legal Pads. This is how I stay organized; I love using color to write my to-do lists and edit my writing and presentations. I use a purple Flair to mark up my scripts before I do a live lit reading – I mark my pauses, where I need to emphasize a word, slow down, etc. Hand writing in only one color is boring.

From Screenwriter and Supporter Toney Merritt:

The application that I am most thankful for is Final Draft, a screenwriting tool which takes care of all the intricate screenplay formatting with simple key strokes. The book, The Complete Guide To Standard Script Formats by Cole/Haag is always kept near by to make sure that I am using the formatting choices correctly.

From Social Media Coordinator and Writer Amanda Claire Buckley:

I’m thankful for, believe it or not, Garageband. Writers often read their work aloud, but how often do you listen to your work? As a frequent Live Lit performer, I use this tool a lot. You can get a whole new perspective on editing while re-reading your work as your listen to the playback. Want to cut out a whole section and see how it feels? Easy with Garageband. You can also use the free audio editing software Audacity for the same purpose.

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