7 Gift Ideas for Writers

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We all have a writer in our life, either aspiring or thriving.  Show your wordsmith that you support their work with these great gifts compiled by the staff at the Chicago Writers Conference.
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1. Gifts For the Brainstorming Writer


notebookYou can’t go wrong with a good set of pens (our ED Mare Swallow loves Flair Pens) and a sturdy notebook. No matter how far technology goes, nothing will ever compete with old-fashioned journaling. Gain bonus points if you can figure out what your writers journaling preferences are. Do they like lined or unlined pages? Small notebooks or large? Do they prefer black ink or blue? This list of 5 best paper notebooks is a good place to start your search.


2. Gifts For the Submitting Writer


IOUDid you know that submission fees can range from $3 to $25? Those submission fees can add up. If you want to surprise the writer in your life while also showing unwavering support in their craft, give them a card saying you owe them $25 in submission fees. You can also give them an IOU for proofreads with constructive criticism, reading attendances, or late-night pep-talks.

3. Gifts For the Ambitious Writer


WRiters MarketNo serious writer is complete without the latest edition of the Writers Market: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published and The Guide to Literary Agents. These books are the Holy Grail of how to find the publishing contacts that’ll get their novel on the shelves.

Subscriptions to Publisher’s Weekly and Writer’s Digest are also helpful for those looking to get to know the industry. If your writer would gain more from hands-on experiences, consider a writer’s retreat or conference. We have a few thoughts on one excellent conference in the area…


4. Gifts For the Procrastinating Writer


Sometimes writers need to blow off steam, and what better way than with a word game? Check out your local game store such as Marbles: The Brain Store and pick up a special edition Scrabble board. Better yet, get some games to help defeat writer’s block like Storymatic, Rory’s Story Cubes, or Idiomatic. There’s also magnetic poetry which never fails to entertain bored writers for hours.


5. Gifts For the Early Birds


coffee into books

Many writers carve out their mornings for writing. This means making pot after pot of coffee to keep their creative energy moving. Treat the writer in your life with a serious coffee making upgrade that they’d never be willing to get for themselves. Check out CuisineArt’s extensive selection of high-end coffee makers and be sure to avoid wasteful Keurigs!

You can also get your early bird a coffee subscription that’ll deliver beans regularly from a single roaster or from a variety so they’ll never be without a good cup of joe.

6. Gifts For the Night Owls


bourbonIf the writer in your life likes to write into the wee hours, there’s a chance that their methodology involves a stiff drink. Find out what their favorite cocktail is and get them the ingredients! If all else fails, a nice bottle of whiskey is a safe bet (at least according to William Faulkner, Dylan Thomas, and Dorothy Parker).

We suggest Wild Turkey which was famously Hunter S. Thompson’s favorite, but Woodford Reserve or Knob Creek will also do nicely.

7. Gift For Yourself


The Writers Workspace

Are you a writer yourself? Wish you had a quiet space dedicated to working and writing? Treat yourself and apply for a membership at The Writers Workspace in Chicago. The Writers Workspace is “a membership-based work and meeting space for writers of all genres” and offers a haven for you to accomplish your goals.


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