Conveniences, Hotels, and Parking

Below are a list of conveniences nearby Conference Chicago (525 S. State St. Chicago). This list is for reference only, and no endorsement is implied. Information is subject to change; use at your own risk. We highly recommend using a tool like DuckDuckGo or perhaps a Maps app to check
this stuff first.

Hotel Info for CWC 2016

We have a limited number of rooms available with a conference rate at Hotel Blake, about 1 block away from the Conference Center. Call 1-312-986-1234 and mention “Chicago Writers Conference 2016 – #cwc2016.” King rooms are available at a rate of $189/night and must be reserved by August 24, 2016.

View transportation, hotel, parking, and food options nearby. (PDF)


Gas Stations



Restaurants and Food




Bars and Pubs:

Coffee and Tea