When and Where is the 2016 Conference?

September 23-25, 2016 at Conference Chicago.

Do you have a hotel with a special rate for attendees?

Yes! For CWC 2016, we have a limited number of rooms at the Hotel Blake. See info on our website.

What about parking? Is there an ATM nearby?

See the conveniences page.

Can I put my books out at the conference? Can I put my bookmarks or flyers out?

No, unless you are a CWC sponsor. No exceptions. Yes, we know, someone else somewhere else allowed you to do this, but we are not them. Sponsors and partners are allowed to share materials.

Please send me sponsorship information.

If you are interested in sponsoring CWC, please send an email to contact [at] chicagowritersconference [dot] org with the subject line: sponsorship. Include your company name along with contact name, email, and phone number, and our sponsorship coordinator will contact you. We will not send sponsorship details without all the aforementioned information.

Can I volunteer at the conference?

Interested volunteers can send us an email at contact[at]chicagowritersconference[dot]org between June and August, 2016. If you email us before June, we will not respond.

Can I speak at the next conference?

We prefer to source and discover our speakers on our own. Please do not contact us about this – for this year or any future year. If you wish to connect with our audience, please see sponsorship info above.

I have a [book/show/event]. Please send this to your entire mailing list!

No can do. CWC is a non-profit organization, not a publicity agency. The policy of CWC is to feature events that are exclusively our own, our partners, or related to our staff. Beyond that we can not promote other happenings. There are other Chicago resources that will help you spread the word; we encourage you to contact them.

I’m a [student/broke/cat/whatever]. Can I attend for free? Or can you mail me all the conference materials?

Nope. Groceries, medical care, rent, haircuts, movies starring Matt Damon, Portland Cello Project shows, and all sorts of things that make life wonderful are not free. That includes education beyond high school, which includes this conference. Please join us in the future when your budget allows.

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