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Thursday, November 6, 2014:

A Live-Lit How-To:
Breaking Into Live Lit in Chicago (And Doing it Well!)

Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014
7:00 -9:30 pm
@ 826CHI
1276 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago
$30 by November 3/$35 thereafer

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Live Lit, Storytelling, Readings — whatever you call it, it’s huge in Chicago, and it’s a great tool for writers, and a great way to try out your work in a supportive environment. Learn how to break into the live lit scene, and how to do it well.

In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to:

    •    Find all the lit (readings, storytelling) events in Chicago
    •    Discover which reading events are suited for you, and how to break in
    •    Prepare your piece (and your self) for a reading

We’ll also discuss the dos and don’ts of reading in a public venue, and the benefits of sharing your writing with a live audience. Participants will have a chance to read work aloud and practice their new skills with their own writing.

Who Should Take this Workshop:

Anyone who wants to practice reading their work out loud, anyone who wants to know where to find all the readings and lit events in Chicago, anyone  who wants to try out a reading or break into the live lit scene.

Please bring:

Something to take notes with, and a piece of your own writing (1-2 pages, double spaced) to share and use for practice. All genres are welcome: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry.

About the Instructor
Mare Swallow is the founder of the Chicago Writers Conference and a non-fiction writer. She has hosted, curated, and performed at readings all over Chicago, including Write Club, Story Club, Story Lab, This Much is True, Tuesday Funk, First Time, Pecha-Kucha, and Is This a Thing. Mare is also a public speaking coach, and uses public speaking best practices to coach readers. She is the author of 21 Ways to Engage Your Audience.

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